The Shadow Circle

A group of Zentharim elite operatives trained in various ways to operate as stealth agents for the organisation, has faked their deaths and set up shop for themselves. Now they provide services for anyone, as long as the gold flows, although it is rumoured that they are reluctant about harming innocents.

The group has set up a secret lair in a tavern located in the city of Everlund in the silver marches.

The winds of changes has blown heavily across the sword coast and the silver marches, Obould emerged and a group of adventurers called The silver circle helped the marches on the defence against the huge tide of orcs threatening to swarm the lands. Silverymoon fell prior to the orc invasion, due to a mystical magic plauge that caused riots and uprising within the city itself. The weave of arcane powers itself collapsed, even while the silver circle tried to save it by sacrificing 2 willingly deities. A new magic was formed, based on the four elements water-earth-fire-air and the silver circle was its parents, inherent in them are the basis for the new magic and they soon established a new academy for training new wielders of magic. While this transpired, a terrible disaster struck at waterdeep. During the gathering of heroes trying to prevent the collapse of the weave, the entire city vanished. Leaving only a huge crater in the earth and nobody ever found out what happened. Thus the many heroes of Faerun was stolen from the realm, among them where legendary names such as Elminster and Drizzt Do’urden and rumours has it that all the 7 sister were present in waterdeep too. Exactly who was lost to the realm is unknown and neither is it yet known who was behind this plot. 2 deities of magic sacrficed themselves at the hands of mortals to establish a new weave of magic, Sel√Ľne and Mystra and the era of Elemental magic has begun.

It was during these events that the shadow circle parted ways from the Zentharim and struck out for themselves. For years they have worked and serviced both evil does and do gooders as long as they were paid and their work did not involve innocents. They have made a small name for themselves in the silver marches, but not enough to attract the wrong kind of attention… yet…

The Campaign is an attempt at creating a fantasy spy setting, continuing the storyline of the groups previous party “the silver circle”, a campaign set and run by another GM thus keeping the story and keeping the previous party alive as NPCs and rulers in the setting, with the option of the players to return to their previous PCs indirectly between sessions with the new GM and thus having an impact on the setting outside of their current PCs. Some content may be in Danish.

The Campaign is set in the Forgottem Realms Campaign setting

The Shadow Circle

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