The Shadow Circle

High Wood Trek

Sarah has become increasingly distraught with worry about her mentor and decided after finishing the Falchion assignment that her path was east, to the northeastern border of High Wood. Even tho she was banned from the forest by her kin, she would not abandon her mentor.

Although she had never told the shadow circle about her banishment from High Wood, they insisted on coming along.

So they began their trek to her mentors camp in High Wood, not long after reaching the northern border of the forest did they notice shadows moving about in the tree tops. Elves were watching them, closely. They decided to move east along the forest, letting Sarah lead the way as she was the only one who knew the place and where they were headed.

Soon they came upon the trail Sarah was looking for, the trail that would lead her to a small clearing where she usually waited for one of her mentors animal companions to come to her and guide her to him. But none came.. she knew it would be so already and she didnt wait long.

Behind her, unbeknownst to her, Daxx and Seranylla crept in the shadows both wearing magical rings of invisibility. They stalked her deeper into the woods, intent on keeping her safe from harm.

In a few hours they came upon a simple dwelling, a small cottage with obvious signs of fighting and struggle. He had been taken by force that much was clear, Sarah took some cloth from his beddings and called out for her newest friend.. a wolverine and bade him smell the cloth and follow the scent for her. Before she left the forest, she was hailed by her cousins a trueblood elf. He told her that he had seen not just armed men in the woods, they looked to him like trained soldiers with uniforms. Black clothes with a light grey tabard where upon a black coin above a blackdragon was marked on the right side of the chest. He gaver her his condolences and quickly left her again, even tho his kin had banished her, he always kinda liked the halfblood girl but he dared not stay longer fearing the scolding he knew he would no doubt recieve.

The elves had no quarrels with the ranger mentor and so let him stay in the woods even if he did keep in touch with the banished girl.

The wolverines keen scent led them out of the forest and northbound, across marsh and river and soon they found themselves in the foothills of the great mountains. And they werent alone, for not far away they spotted a group of men on horseback, they looked like hunters.

The group passed up the hunters and asked them if they were responsible for clearing all the large animal life in the area. It turned out the hunters were in the employ of a Zentharim fortress up in the mountains, deep inside in an old Dwarven mining fortress. To convince the hunters to answer them truthfully and answer at all, Ronald polymorphed one of them into a sheep. At the end of the interogation one of the hunters had the unfortunate notion of whispering that maybe the wizard could only turn someone into a sheep once a day. It was an unfortunate notion because as soon as Ronald heard the whispered words, his impeteous mind launched a fireball straight into the midst of the hunters blasting them to their deities side in the afterlife.

The group decided to head into the mountains, searching for this Zentharim keep and do what they could to rescue Sarahs mentor Garr Twinblades from the Zentharim captivity. They did not ride long before they were confronted by one of the Zentharim patrols in the area, but it was a short confrontation which ended in the death of all the black networks soldiers in the patrol. They rode into the mountains and soon found the ancient dwarven gates and sat down to watch for awhile.

When another patrol came home to the keep, they snuck inside the gates by the use of magic rings and stealth, and sooner than they knew found themselves in the midst of their old foes.. the Zentharim..


Bahne Bahne

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