The Shadow Circle

The Dark meets Shadows


Sircha and Raargh were down in the gauntlet, the underground gladiator bare knuckle fighting ring, blowing off steam. While they were waiting to get into the ring, Sircha noticed that suddenly Raargh flew off through the crowd as if in a mad chase. Before she knew it he was almost gone, she began elbowing her way after him, thinking she might be missing out on a good fight.

Her chase of Raargh took her up to the surface and into the streets of the city at night, turning corners and plowing streets. She got a few glimpses of a dark and fast moving shadow, very nimble and agile.

By the time she caught up with the agile shadow and the strong legged half orc, they both keeled over in a mortal struggle that stole away their life in the dark night. When she turned Raargh over his last breath left his lips, in his one hand she saw a odd uninteresting rock. The shadow he had been chasing and killed, seemed to be an elf in dark clothes, with a black coin tatooed on his chest. Not wanting to be found around 2 dead people and considering the fact that the one was an elf and the other a half orc she didnt like her odds if the city gurad caught her here. Not that she couldnt beat them in to a pulp, but they were usually young boys and did not really deserve to run into her fist or weapons. She picked up Raargh and wandered home to the silver goat.

Behind her in the shadows, white hair glinted under a dark hood hiding Seranyllas heritage, Drows were not a welcome sight on the surface. She had been watching the end of the chase and the curious dwarf lady examining the corpses, something intriequed her about the rock. The small simple rock had seemed to be what the half orc had given his life to get back and what the elf had risked his own to steal. She quickly stepped from the shadows and palmed the rock when the dwarf left and decided to follow the dwarf.

Seranylla tried several times to get in contact with the dwarf, but without much success, it seemed the dwarf woman was determined to ignore her. But Seranylla kept on, feeling something bigger was happening here as if her moonlight dancing mother had let her witness this for a reason, so she kept following the dwarf.

Eventually Sircha stopped and turned around, abit annoyed by this constant chatter and was abit put off that it was a Drow. A quick inquiery ensued from both parties and Sircha decided to bring the Drow into the tavern, it appeared the female was looking for them and it might entail a new job.

Seranylla met the rest of the shadow ring, who listened to her story and Ronald became quite interessted in the rock and quickly began researching. None of them had seen Zeldalar of late but they werent overly concerned as he usually knew how to take care of himself. Sarah left for the outdoors and Daxx began roaming the streets listening to the street chatter. Which left Ronald, Sircha and Seranylla alone together. The evening ended with Sircha and Seranylla bonding thro duelling and testing each others strength and weaknesses in battle and Ronald watching intently.

The two duelists ended the evening in sweaty respect for each other.


Bahne Bahne

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