A high ranking Zentharim General


Galen has a rich close cropped black mane of hair, framed by a small delicate goatee.

His eyes portray an ambitious and sly soul, cleaver and plotting he seeks to further his own ambitions. He has gained a mighty seat of power in the Zentharim network and has managed to establish a keep of his own in the mountains east of Everlund.

Not so surprising considering that Everlund is the main gate of trade flowing in and out of the silver marches from and to the south.

The Galen Keep has been establish in an old dwarven stronghold and their old mines, if the Zentharim cleared out the dwarves or if they were gone by the time Zentharim came looking is unknown at this point in time.


Galen Firham is a highranking general in the Zentharim, he supports Bane and has several powerful Banite cleric employed and finances many Banite activites and sites.

Galen is ambitious and ruthless, cunning and calculating but can be a victim of his ill-temper.

Unknown to the rest of the shadow circle, Galen used to own Sade as a slave and was rather fond of her. She infected his thoughts and desires and he desperately wanted her affection as a free spirit.

Galen has founded his own personal garde, with their own crest within the Zentharim. If he has any serious future design with this move, he has not yet divolged it to anyone.


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