Black Trade

A young man contacts the shadow circle, he wants them to investigate a merchant that is soon to arrive to town. He wants them to find out if the merchant is in any way connected to slave trading and is offering various amounts of gold depending on how much information they can return with.

A thorough search of the merchant Flachion’s warehouse near the docks procured no solid evidence against the man with regards to slave trade. His trade in the city was primarily of cloth and pretty clothing for rich people and his warehouse was stocked with dresses and cloth mostly. Altho a shifty conversation was overheard, some men were discussing something sneaky.

Falchion, the merchant also has a stall at the market where you can leave a message saying you want a meeting to check out his wares.

A stealthy search of the merchants house, which was empty due to him not having arrieved in town just yet, revealed some letters from various people in town either saying thanks for dealing with him or just chit chat. The shadow circle took these back to search for clues.

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Black Trade

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