Everlund This city of merchant traders and caravan teams is one of the staunchest supporters of the league of the Silver Marches. This attitude comes as no surprise, however, considering the imminent dangers that threaten the city from all sides.

Everlund (large city): Conventional; AL LG: 40,000 gp limit; Assets 42,776,000 gp; Population 21,388; Integrated (humans 48%, elves (all types) 21%, half-elves 14%, lightfoot halflings 9%, shield dwarves 7%, others 1%). Authority Figures: High Captain Kayl Moorwalker, human male (current First Elder of the Council of Six Elders and commander of Everlund’s army). Notable Imports: Ale, armor, cheese, clothing, fruit, grain, sugar, weapons, wine. Notable Exports: Amber, charcoal, furniture, furs, stone, syrup, timber, valuable ores.

Located southeast of Silverymoon and situated on the north bank of the Rauvin River, Everlund is the second largest city in the Silver Marches and one of its most active mercantile communities. A thick stone wall rings the city, pierced in five places by the city’s gates. Like the spokes of a wheel, broad, straight streets lead from each gate to Bell Market at the city center. The layout of these streets and the location of certain city features, such as the market, many inns, and warehouses, are designed for the accommodation of caravans and their merchants. Soldiers of the city’s standing army make a show of patrolling the walls in strength, both to provide reassurance to citizens and visitors, and to discourage attackers.

Like many of the communities in the Silver Marches, Everlund traces its origins to a time before the ruin of previous civilizations. Since its humble beginnings as a fortified trading outpost and bridgehead on the Rauvin, the city’s population and importance have increased to the point where it is one of the most important trading cities in the Silver Marches, and the North as well. The fact that nearly every single trade caravan that begins its journeys in the Marches calls at Everlund en route to other destinations brings to the city a position of considerable economic and social importance. The city’s voice carries considerable weight among its peers, for nearly all are dependent to some degree on Everlund’s role as the main caravan station in this region.

Everlund owes its survival to the thickness of its walls (the city’s leaders have never failed to keep its first line of defense in good repair, nor to add to the fortifications whenever possible), some strategic alliances, and its ability to keep Evermoor Way open to caravan traffic. Everlund is one of Silverymoon’s traditional allies and has historically sided with that city and its High Lady on nearly every important issue. The same looks to hold true today, as the confederation attempts to deal with issues of mutual importance to its signatories. The Council of Six Elders joined the city with the Lord’s Alliance several decades ago and signed the Silver Marches articles of confederation with eagerness, hopeful of greater security for its primary trading road.

Brief History Like Silverymoon fifty miles to the north, Everlund was in its beginning a simple crossing-place over the Rauvin. During the last centuries of the dwarf kingdom of Delzoun, trade from the elf realm of Illefarn sometimes passed this way, particularly when monsters or bad weather made the river-passage up the Surbrin to the Rauvin unusually difficult or dangerous.

As the only crossing place for several days’ travel in either direction, the Rauvin crossing here often attracted the attention of orcs, barbarians, and other raiders, who would lie in wait to ambush caravans. Around -334 DR the dwarves of Delzoun responded by raising a small keep overlooking the river crossing, and garrisoned the outpost with vigilant guards to protect the crossing. Under the protection of the keep, a tiny hamlet grew up to cater to travelers seeking the chance to rest and refit in safety.

The dwarf keep was abandoned in -104 DR as the onslaught against Delzoun grew too great to allocate soldiers to the protection of a distant river crossing. The first town on the site of Everlund was quietly abandoned over the years as trade ceased along this route. Wood elves roaming the eaves of Eaerlann sometimes came here, camping in the forests along the south bank of the river, but otherwise the site was empty.

Everlund rose again in 515 DR, as the folk of Ascalhorn decided to refurbish the dwarf-keep and establish a permanent garrison here. The city’s growth had brought a new wave of settlement in the Rauvin Vale, and the princes of Ascalhorn found that the people living near the Rauvin’s bend required protection against trolls from the Evermoors and goblinoids from the Nether Mountains. The lords of Eaerlann agreed to share in this duty, and elves of the Forest Kingdom joined the human knights of Ascalhorn in guarding this corner of the High Forest. Once again a small town grew up around the keep, this time a town of human traders and elf merchants eager to find markets for Eaerlann’s goods in the burgeoning cities of the Sword Coast.

The fall of Ascalhorn in 882 DR, and the subsequent collapse of Eaerlann, left the small settlement at Everlund without a country. By the vagaries of campaigns and battles, Everlund had survived the terrible onslaught of the Year of the Curse virtually unharmed, although many of its human knights and elf archers had perished in distant battles. Many hundreds of refugees from Ascalhorn flooded into the area and took shelter in the town. Here they rebuilt. In the absence of the lord of the town (a prince of Ascalhorn killed fighting there), the people raised a council of six wise commanders and leaders to govern the town’s affairs until something better could be arranged. Over time, the Council of Six Elders became the true rulers of the city.

Everlund has always been close to Silverymoon, its neighbor to the north. As more people have returned to the Rauvin Vale and Old Delzoun, both cities have grown. Here, as in Silverymoon, humans, elves, and other folk live together more or less in peace. For the Elders of Everlund, joining the league Alustriel proposed was simply a formality—they were already committed to standing with the High Mage of Silverymoon against all threats to the peace of the North.

Despite its size and constant level of activity, Everlund’s physical appearance is a testimony to both its founders and current leaders. Though ready to withstand an attack at any given moment, it is nonetheless a beautiful community that does not look like a city of war. Everlund’s buildings are constructed mainly of stone and timber, and they show clear influence of both elf and dwarf architectural styles. Buildings are arranged in discrete sections separated by green space: trees, hedges, bowers, gardens, and flowerbeds are common sights in all parts of the city. The result is an impression of calm and tranquility that belies the many dangers lurking just beyond the city’s walls.

The Rauvin flows through the heart of the city, crossed by two bridges—the Knightbridge and the Dwarfbridge.

The Five Gates

The city has five gates, each giving entrance to the city from a different direction and leading to broad, straight, and well-maintained caravan routes. The gates are, in clockwise order from the north, the Silverymoon Gate, the Mountain Gate, the Upriver Gate, the Bridge Gate, and the Downriver Gate. Each of these gates is open from dawn to dusk, and shut at all other times. Caravan masters know that gaining entry into the city after the gates close can be a tiresome chore, requiring them to consent to tedious and thorough searches of their goods by the city’s guards. Most don’t bother to go through the routine if they arrive at Everlund after sunset, preferring instead to avail themselves of the hospitality to be found in any of a number of inns and taverns that have established a thriving trade outsidethe city walls for just such occasions.

Evermoor Way Evermoor Way begins at the Bridge Gate and winds its way southwest for hundreds of miles, passing between the Evermoors and the High Forest, north of the Dessarin Hills and offering the most direct available route to Waterdeep and the cities of the Sword Coast. Everlund has always been instrumental in keeping the roadway safe for caravans from its walls all the way to Calling Horns, hiring numerous mercenaries and adventurers to scour the route for monsters and other dangers. The work has never been easy, and many are the sellswords and intrepid companies that have fallen to the trolls, orcs, and other marauding creatures that have preyed on the highway. In recent months Everlund has been harder pressed than ever to maintain the security of the roadway. Perhaps emboldened by the growing rumors of war between King Obould and the cities of the North, orc raiding parties have been striking hard at southbound caravans, and the depredations of giants based in the Evermoors (now depopulated of its former inhabitants, the trolls) have increased to the point where caravans are taking extra guards on journeys to and from the city. Many caravan masters are paying a premium for caravan guards who are also spellcasters, hoping that the additional magical power will help keep their goods (and their skins) safe. These are tough times for caravans, but profitable times for ambitious adventurers. Moongleam Tower

Built by a master dwarf engineer almost two hundred years ago, the keep is of black stone. It rises from one of the higher knolls near the center of Everlund, visible from almost any part of the city. Moongleam Tower consists of four narrow, cylindrical towers joined together, surrounded by a dry moat. Its roof is crowned by an open turret, where a mirror shaped like a crescent moon stands.

Hall of the Elders

The seat of Everlund’s government is this low, circular stone building located on the east side of Bell Market. The members of the Council of Six Elders meet here regularly. The building is defended by a detail of guards from the Army of the Vale;

The Elders of Everlund For nearly five hundred years, Everlund has been ruled by the Council of Six Elders. This group is always composed of the people holding the most prominent positions in the city, although from time to time debate breaks out over whether another civic figure is important enough to merit a position on the council.

The council is led by the First Elder of the Council, an office granted by vote of the Elders.

The First holds his or her position until another Elder challenges it. Some hold the post for many years, others no more than a few days. Kayl Moorwalker, the High Captain, is the current First Elder.

The High Priest of Corellon Larethian, considered the leader of the elves of the city, is one of the Elders. Currently the High Priest is Yeshelnó Amrallatha

The Keeper of the Bridgesis the civic official charged with overseeing the city watch and the conduct of commerce in the city. Currently this post is held by Malvin Draga

The High Captain, commander of Everlund’s army, is Kayl Moorwalker a haughty nobleman who possesses an uncanny head for tactics and strategy.

The High Sorcerer, a position held by the most powerful elf mage willing to take on the duties of the council, wizard or sorcerer. Currently this position is held by Vaeril Rhuidhen

The Master of Guilds, an official representing the merchants of the city, is an extraordinarily stout halfling named Borun Fendelben. Fendelben is a very successful merchant who has his eyes firmly fastened on the pursuit of wealth.

The Speaker of the Town is the final member of the Council of Six Elders, a citizen elected every seven years to represent the common folk of the city. Currently the post is held by Sindyl Omoghael

Bell Market The economic and social center of Everlund is the Bell Market, so named for the enormous warning bell that hangs in a frame in the open space between the Hall of Elders and the Barracks. The bell is sounded when the city is under attack. In the middle of the market are a number of open-air stalls and stands that offer fresh produce, poultry, baked goods, and livestock. Around the edges of this area are permanent stalls selling manufactured items, and surrounding the market is a ring of shops that vend all manner of trade goods and a variety of services. The market is open from one hour after dawn to one hour before dusk, to ensure that the evenings and nights of the residents are not disturbed by the noise created by such a thronged mercantile area.

Major Temples Everlund’s most prominent places of worship are the Keep of Vigilance (Helm), the Evergreen Hall (Mielikki), the Starmeadow (devoted to Corellon Larethian), and the Grotto (sacred to Shiallia). The folk of the city tend to be devout and crowd the major temples on the first day of every tenday to worship their deities. In addition to the major temples, Everlund is home to shrines to Oghma, Shaundakul (popular among the caravan masters), and Waukeen as well.

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