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Recent major events has resulted in the destruction of Mystra’s weave of magic and in the birth of another magic foundation in its stead… The elemental magic.

5 legendary heroes of the silver marches now serves as major nodes of power in this new elemental magic and have formed a new academy of magic to teach the world. They are known as the silver circle, one of them Valdemar became the new king of silver marches following the destruction of silverymoon and the silver circles valiant defence of the marches against an overwhelming horde of orcs led by their paragon Obould blessed and chosen by grummsh.

During the destruction or vanishment of Waterdeep, the shadow circle parted ways with Zentharim and started out for themselves. The black network and other shady organisations now roam more or less free along the sword coast due to the loss of the lords alliance and the silver marches are now threatened by various organisations who want dominion of the marches and its people.

All the chaos erupting around this northern part of Faerun has echoed across the planes of existance and drew the attention of an ancient shattered artifact that mysterious forces of law and chaos is governing. The strong echo of chaos from Faerun has called some of the shattered shards of this artifact to its prime plane. Many ancient forces have been searching for the shattered artifacts 7 shards for eons.

In the midst of these events and ongoing hidden campaigns, the shadow circle tries to make their way using what skills they learned during their employment in the Zentharim.

Campaign Setting Information

The campaign is centered around the city of Everlund, the southern trade gate of the silver marches. Here the shadow circle has set up a secret lair under a run down tavern in the dodgy part of town.

Since the loss of the Lords alliance, many dark and shady organisations have begun to run across the sword coast unchecked and the silver marches is a prime target with silverymoon gone and new unexperienced leaders in the throne.

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