A halforc in his mid tweenties, standing tall in an old worn plate armour. Both he and his armour is illkept, and it is easily seen that he cares not the faintest about looks. Raargh is as chaotic as his background is. He started his life in a orc village, being raised by his orc mother. Though vaguely smarter than his fellow orcs, he was born not quite as resilient. From early age he had to fight for a place within the tribe and it was not long before he left the tribe, seeking perhaps to find a place worthy of calling home amongst his fathers race, the humans.

He never found it, and perhaps never will. Humans does not happily accept af half orc into their sociaty and perhaps it is for the better for Raargh. His temper and nature does not compare to a peacefull human villagehood.

Raargh wanders around, always trying new paths to find a place of acceptance, and always ruining it by being himself. Only time will tell if he will ever find peace but in death.

Due to his Chaotic nature, Raargh has walked many paths in his life. This is reflected in his character classes. He started out as a fighter, then becoming a “devout” follower of Gruumsh and lastly he has given in to his vantom bouts of violance, joining the ranks of the Barbarian. He is a hot pot of it all, and it is perhaps not entirely safe to remain next to him, either in peace or battles.


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