Rage Queen

A nervous young man seeks out help among the providers in Everlund, but it soon becomes apparent to him that he needs to hire more than just a beatdown wildernesguide. He finds himself sitting in a stall inside the silver goat, where it is rumoured the shadow circle can be contacted.

His young heart has set itself on a young woman and to win her affection he wants to present her with a rare and unusual token of his love. He overheard a drunken dwarf one night, talking about a lost dwarven treassure which among other things held the token of an ancient dwarven kings love for his queen. That is what he wants for his newfound love and he wants whomever he can hire to help the dwarf find the lost treassure and bring back this token of the dwarfven king.

The shadow circle accepts the job, but will not allow the dwarf to come with them as they have an identity to protect. Instead they sneak into his room at one of the inns in town and rifle thro his belongings finding clues that lead into the dreaded Evermoors.

The dwarf himself has hired a band of adventurers who are eager to start making a name for themselves. Soon a race to find the lost treassure begins.

The shadow circle decides to cut through the silverwood and emerge into the Evermoors on the other side of the woods. The decision brings them right into a makeshift camp of Zentharims, and watching from the shadows the group witness a former officer of theirs, the skymage Halrim “the hawk” Hepth, exchange words with the officer in charge in the camp, a red eyes half orc with an ear full of golden rings and 2 unusual crystal flails strapped on his back.

As they recognice Halrim they remember that he used to ride on a black dragon, soon enough they hear the well recognized sound of leathery wings beating in the sky as his mount lands to take him off the ground. After Halrim has left, Shawns decides to sneak into the main tent where Halrim was prior to his takeoff, hoping to gleam or steal information about the current operation this Zentharim camp is part of. However, as he entered the tent Halrim’s magical alarm sounds and the camp is roused. In heartbeats the shadow circle finds themselves faced with a camp full of Zentharim soldiers and their half-orc sergeant Thorpe Dawntide wielding two very deadly crystal flails.

But the shadow circle was trained for extraodinary missions and was up to the task, through great teamwork and better skill they managed to put down the half-orc and defeat the grunt soldiers who remained to take up the fight, a few of them were left alive after a thorough questioning. They didnt learn as much as they had hoped, but the Zentharim were up to something in the Evermoors and it had something to do with trolls. Nothing that had anything to do with trolls was ever any good news. After licking their wounds and gathering some interresting loot, the secret band headed into the dreaded Evermoors.

After a day or so trecking in the misty moors, they took up rest at an old ruined watchtower. During their rest they became aware of something stirring in the tower…..

The shadow circle soon found themselves confronted with the former inhabitants of the ruined watchtower, surviving the chilling touch of the undead they discovered the long lost posessions of the inhabitants.

Their pilfered map showed that they would reach the suspected resting place of the lost dwarven treassure the next day.

Approaching the site that was suspected to hold the lost dwarf treassure, the group saw signs of combat. They found signs that indicated trolls had ambushed and slaughtered a group of people. The tracks continued into the moors in the direction the group was heading themselves.

Soon the group came upon an ancient building, long abandoned and now in shambles. Upon close examination they discovered ancient glyphs and runes indicating that it was somekind of shrine or temple. Upon exploring the site, they hacked their way through several trolls until they entered the hall of the troll leader.

Chained to the throne of the troll were two humans, a boy and a girl barely twenty years of age each. The boy had a badly injured leg but the girl seemed unharmed. After a fierce battle with the troll leader the group unshackled the humans and uncovered the long lost dwarven treassure among the troll hoard along with an ancient secret vault of the temple where they found several magic items and textures. Inside the vault was an ancient symbol of the deity Deneir.

The group took the humans back to Everlund, where they had relatives that could provide them transport back to their home town Nesme. The young man got his love token and set out to win his love and the shadow circle got yet another payment for their coffers. However, there was still the uncovered plot of the Zentharim that apparently was trying to rouse the trolls with an old legend of the rage queen an ancient troll lore of a troll queen who was mighty enough to unity all trolls in her lands but was defeated by a red dragon. It apperead that the Zentharim wanted the trolls to believe that she would resurrect, but there was no clues as to why….

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Rage Queen

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