Sera Journal

The rebirth of Sera.

I gasp the air, as if I had been fighting underwater to reach the surface, and in a sense it is true. The air is painfull at first, my lungs works slowly at first as if they had been unused for a long time.

In the first moments of my new life, my new beginning, I dread to upon my eyes, and instead I cling to the utterly strange and cladenstine sensation or dream that I have just experienced.

“The dreamvoyage”

All around her the world changed, as if a starless night with a darkened moon had befallen upon her, there was only darkness around her. She could hear strange whispers in the darkness, but could not make out the words. Seranylla could not see her own body in the darkness but felt herself move around, turning around, trying to get a bearing but to no avail. She felt disembodied, disattached somehow a very strange sensation. Time could be standing still or flying by with the speed of a dragon, she could not tell.

But at some point the whispers which she had gotten so used to by now that she barely registered them as anything but background noise suddenly began to make sense. It was not that she could hear words as such, they were still only hushed sounds of many voices dampened and muffled. But she could swear that they were getting sharper still, now and then she almost believed she could make out a word or two.

She gave a start and she felt as if her whole being was jolted with shock as she heard right beside her left ear “oh mistress, how we missed you, oh mistress where have you been!”. Fear gripped her tight and her first instinct was to clutch her arms to her chest as if armoring herself, but she found that she did not feel her arms touch her chest. Only now did she realize, that she truly was disembodied, as if the sudden voice wasn’t enough. Was she dead?

“Mistress! We have have been talking to you for ages and you have denied us your attention!” she heard a low shill whisper beside her right ear, it sounded sad and hurt. Neither of the voices that had spoken clearly to her gave any impression of being a specific gender or race. She could not distinguish a specific language either, it was as if she just understood them on a more basic level as if by instinct or maybe even telepathically.

“Who are you? Where am I?” She dared to utter to the darkness.
A sorrowfull voice spoke back to her “oh she hast forgotten us! Oh lo, abandoned us she has” but then another spoke more softly more thoughtful “nay nay, the hand of secrets has been asleep my siblings, look how she trembles how she does not understand. She is lost, she is scattered, we tried to warn her. We tried to tell her!”

As surely as she could not feel her own body or touch, she felt brushes against her being.
“No mistress, you should not worry who we are, you should not worry where you are. You should worry .. WHO you are and WHEN you are!”

“please, I don’t understand, you are not making any sense” Seranylla yelled back at the darkness.

“oh mistress is troubled” another voice whispered “mistress told us a secret to give back if she was ever lost, don’t you remember? If she ever went to sleep.”
“Shattered, Scattered, lost and found. But she was smart she was clever, she learned the secret of WHO and she hid it. Parted it to the four winds for safe keeping for when she would need it she did.”
“once she was the hand of secrets, the mistress of secrets, the keeper of the council, she used to listen to our whispers, she used to dance with us the dance of secrets.”

“across the planes, across the verses”

“the time wardens began to shift and hunt, something amiss, something tinkered with, something planned and planted, seeds to sow.”

“seeds to grow, for the harvest of gods.”

“to cultivate the growth there became war, the war of opposites.”

“she gave us on secret to give her back.”

“A lavender stone shall set you on the path, unlock the secret of the stone to find the secret of WHO that you may wake from your slumber little one”

“The end of the dreamvoyage”.

Knowing that I cannot keep my eyes closed and ignore my surroundings, I open them and gaze upon my those whom I would have called friends in another life.

Sera Journal

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