The Beginning

The Shadow Circle started as a group of individuals enlisted in the service of the Zentharim. They were each selected to be trained and function as a group of special operatives that the Zentharim could employ where skymages and regular grunt soldiers would not be appropiate to avoid enlisting the aid of outside organisations on delicate matters.

The group was not known as the shadow circle until they faked their own deaths and defected from the ranks of the Zentharim. They suddenly had qualms about taking down a goodly mayor who as innocent as fresh fallen snow, so they saved his life and in fear of being found out by the Zentharim they decided to fake their deaths in Waterdeep just shortly before the city itself vanished from the realm.

Confident that nobody knew they were still alive, they decided to put their wellused skills to use for themselves as a means to get by and earn a living. But paranoia for being discovered by the Zentharim and getting chased by wrong people, made them establish themselves as a secret group keeping identities hidden from the public. Thus they walk the streets of Everlund, their new home, as common folk and not as the neutral mercenaries for hire that is the shadow circle.

Home town: Everlund Base of operations: a seedy tavern in the poor quarters Members:

The seedy tavern “Silver Goat” lies in the poor quarters of Everlund, here poor people come to have a cheap drink. The Drink isn’t very good and the food is just eadible. The tavern is in fact a front for the shadow ring, the basement is where the real deal is. There is a regular tavern basement for storage, but behind that lies the shadow halls.

The shadow halls is where the shadow ring resides, this is where they plot and scheme to work their shadow craft.

Contacting the shadow ring: You only know of the shadow ring if you move among the “underground” of the city. Whispered rumours swirl nightly, placed by the ring it self.

But if someone starts asking around, they will usually get the phrase “look for silver in the dung” which refers to the silver goat which lies in the “dung” of the city.

If they come to the silver goat and starts asking around, the barkeep will step on a loose board that rings a bell in the shadow halls and a young woman will invite the person into a booth in the back. If they do not accept the invitation, they do not get an audience. If they do accept, she leads them to a booth in the back.

On the other side of the wall in the booth sits a member of the shadow ring and he will speak thro a hole in the wall asking all the information that he wants and tells the price. They will agree on a time to meet again and where.

The Tavern and staff:

Barkeeper: John Threewaters, in his 30’s old mercenary with a wounded leg. Maid: Sheena Ruldorf, in her twenties, farm girl moved to the city. Booth Woman: Rhina Jaeger, in her late twenties, from sundabar. Cook: Anna Boons, woman in her late 30’s, born in Everlund.

The party starts at lvl 6 with bonus points in various skills gained from the covert training in Zentharim organisation. All characters have rogue skills as class skills regardless of class due to extensive training and Master advisors/trainers in the arts of rogues.

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The Beginning

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