The Elemental Magic

As the weave of Faerun slowly withered away as a result of a secret plot by the dark goddess Shar and her followers, Mystra and Selune willingly let the members of the silver circle sacrfice them to utilize a secret treaty the gods had made with the elemental kings in case the weave would die. Thus was the elemental magic introduced in Faerun, with the silver circle functioning as 5 cores keeping the magic alive.

Among certain circles of scholars, it is rumoured that the 4 elemental planes might have been the very first planes of existance, thus it is believed they are the rawest form of primal force. As if being testemony to the rumours of being among the first planes ever created, the elemental kings reign with a ruthlesness of ancient elders. Regardless of the truth of the rumour, one is always warned about making deals with these ancient forces.

This ancient warning is even whispered among devils, demons and devine beings. As such it is curious that the gods of the faerun panthoen had forseen themselves in need of making a deal with these beings to secure magic amongst their mortal followers. It now remains to be seen, what the ancient kings have agreed upon and plan to exploit from this mortal realm.

Around Faerun, certain nodes of elemental power has begun to emerge, the effect of these and what will follow in their wake, few have begun to speculate about. But a few sages around the realm have become curious about them, among these are Shane and Thildorf of the silver circle. They share a deep interest in these happenings.

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The Elemental Magic

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