The silver circle

This is the story, from another party, that the current party campaign setting is following up on. To keep the interresting story about the new magic, the new king in silver marches alive and to let the players have a backdoor thro their old characters who are now npcs into affecting the setting by choices they want their previous pcs to make as npc while playing the new pcs.

The Silver Circle was an old adventure group in the silver marches and its last survivor was determined to keep it going so he sought out new heroes for the task.

The new The Silver Circle members was

The Silver Circle had many interresting adventures, but none had more impact on the realm of faerun than their quest to save the weave of mystra. While they were on the quest to save the weave, they came across a network of wizards plotting something big. Somehow they had managed to lure all the legendary heroes who were constantly thwarting all plans of evil and tyranny, into gathering at the same time in Waterdeep. While having all the heroes gathered in Waterdeep, the wizards planned to somehow get rid of those legends once and for all. The Silver Circle did not manage to foil the plot in time and the realm was robbed of the greatest legends ever, among those is rumoured even the mighty Elminster and Khelben Blackstaff along with the seven sisters was lost.

Even while this henious plot was unfolding, the power of the weave was waning and clerics were losing their powers slowly but surely and wizards was finding it harder and harder to sling their most powerful spells. At the end of the long quest, The Silver Circle had to sacrfice Selûne and Mystra to establish a new magic in the realm. Both deities gave their sacrfice willingly to honor an old ancient backup plan if the arcane weave should ever fail. An ancient pact with the elemental kings demanded the sacrifice of the two deities and in so doing elemental kings would ignite the elemental sparks that was randomly cast into the creatures of faerun upon creation.

The Silver Circle became a guardian party of the silver marches and was granted Northkeep town to hold and protect the northern borders of the silver marches. When Silverymoon fell to a magic plauge causing riots and devastation among its publice, Northkeep with the newly established academy of elemental magic the only school that could teach the new realm magic became the center of the silver marches and Valdemar soon established himself as king of the silver marches.

Silverymoon lies in ruins, it is slowly being rebuilt but it severely marked by its fall. While Obould many arrows has agreed to a peace treaty with Northkeep, which none in the silver marches really approves of, and is forging his kingdom in the northern mountain regions. The Mithril Hall has shut its doors, disapproving of the peace treaty between Obould and Northkeep, and none hears word from them yet.

The Silver Circle established a trade route with remote kingdom named Arendur, where it exactly is located is unknown. The only way to travel to Arenduris by a magic gate, but Northkeepis thriving on the trade between the two kingdoms.

Waterdeepis no more, noone feels right about the place. There is a sense of wrongness about it that cannot be shook off. With the loss of the lords alliance and many great heroes, evil and oppression once again is free to roam the sword coast. Rumors say the undermountain monsters was freed and are running loose in the wild now.

The Arcane Brotherhood has become more and more aggressive the last few years, without the lords alliance to stop them. They have started with the surrounding territories of Luskan and there are rumors that they have their eye on the silver marches too. A temple of Shar has sprung up in Luskan with the backing of the The Arcane Brotherhood, which only makes them even more dangerous.

The Zentharim is no longer holding back their lines and are pushing in on the silver marches and the sword coast. Trade caravans hire more guards and still more are lost in transit.

The 2 major threats to Shar was Mystra and Selüne, but with those gone her followers have grown bolder and have been constructing more public temples. Undoubtedly they will expand and Shar temples might be a very normal sight in the future. Rumors whisper that Shar is now the most powerful deity.

Churches and shrines to Bane is becoming more and more common where the Zenths have been or still are to be found.

Rumors say the harpers have scattered to all corners of the world in fear of reprisals from their enemies now that their benefactors have vanished.

Northkeep started an arcane academy for magic users to learn the new magic. This academy does not allow evil practitioners of the new magic. Several spy’s from dark networks have been executed when caught inside the academy. There is strict and swift “justice”, the academy will not suffer evil in its midst.

Trade between Arendur and Northkeep has grown better in the last 5 years. Northkeep itself has also grown huge during the aftermath of the new magic, many want to be in the center of new things and such people have moved to north keep. Many make pilgrimages to see the grove where 2 goddesses sacrificed their lifes at the hands of mortals to save the essence of magic.

Many established factions have sent their people to Northkeep to study the new magic. Among those are the war wizards of cormyr.

The impact of the destruction of the weave does not seem to have devastated the trade of magic items from the red wizards of Thay. Many wonder about this, rumors say they have a struck a pact with powerful demons or devils, some even say they have found a surviving pool of the weave and use it for themselves.

During the past 5 years, the sight of druids have become more and more normal in Northkeep, everybody suspects they come to see the grove of Shane. Rumors whisper they have secret gatherings and make plans of placing plant spys all over the city. Nobody really knows much of druids but they trust Shane.

The alliance between Northkeep and Obould Many arrows is frowned upon anywhere else in the silver marches. Unrest is stirring about the orc and the king. The people in Northkeep does not display this kind of unrest.

The silver circle

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