The Shadow Circle concluded their latest meeting in the hideout, Sircha and Raargh left the meeting with comments of flying fists and some kind of tournament. Shortly after the remaining members heard shouting, screaming and commotion from the surface street coming down a ventilation shaft.

Sarah, Ronald, Zeldalar and Daxx ventured into the street to see what was going on and found that a bit down the street in the doorway of Lady Zihren, a halfling brothel “mom”, one of the Joy girls of the establishment lay dead. Her strawberry blond hair mattet i blood and her face smashed into the back of her skull, eyes and nose gone.

Daxx did a quick search of the girl, found no other remarkable signs, although there was a black bird feather lying near her right hand. He quickly ‘lifted’ the feather and handed it to Sarah so she could try and determine which kind of bird it would have been. Sarah very quickly determined that it would have been a raven og crow, unless it was a magical beast in which case she wasn’t sure what it would have been.

Several explanations were already flourishing about the scene of the murder, some mentioned it was a darkhooded man with red eyes glowing with the fires of hell, some said they saw some kind of nobleman fleeing the scene, others had seen a shadowy figure creep into the sewer through a nearby manhole, yet another said that a wich came by and wanted to collect on an old debt, another still claimed creepy monsters had attacked the girl and vanished into the night.

Sarah wanted to check out the sewer and went over to a nearby drain, where she patiently waited and searched for a rat to communicate with. A little fat nasty rat soon emerged in the filth and with some sausage from the Silver goat she asked the rat if it had seen big people go past in the sewer. The rat had indeed, always, and what sounded like all the time, noticed big people walk about the sewers. So eventually the rat was convinced to show them where it had come across these people.

Alittle way down the sewer, Ronald pulled forth a stone with a continual light enchantment on it to better see in the darkness below the streets. The light scared away the rat and Sarah went searching for it. Ronald stubbornly acknowledged that he was not about to running about in the dark in a dirty sewer and went back to the surface, when the others complained alittle about the light.

The rat led the remaning three through the sewers, when suddenly Daxx noticed a shadow move quickly and around a corner further down the sewer tunnel. They continued slowly and stealthily further ahead and soon came upon an intersection. Daxx and Sarah began searching the area for clues or tracks, while Zeldalar melded into the shadows keeping a watchful eye.

Ronald went back home, on the way he was bumped into by one of the street urchins living with Mother Delli, the mute one. He pressed a crumbled note into his hand and scurried along. Ronald went back to the Silver Goat, outside the doorway he felt a odd sensation it was like a foreboding feeling, ‘something’ was on its way or was about to happen in the near future like feeling. He took it in and decided to let it simmer in the back of his mind abit while he distracted himself with the study of the note, where he came to the conclusion that it was some sort of secret directions to a watchtower. So he went into the city, looking for something ‘odd’ about the nearby watchtowers.

On his way back, he walked by the tavarn ‘hellgate’ and was struck by a strange sensation, a disturbing feeling of cold and as he looked in the direction of the sensation he saw a 7foot tall hulking figure clad in heavy dark hooded robes enter the tavern. He shook of the feeling and went back to the silver goat.

Sarah came upon a little finger bone hidden in the cracks of a wall, Daxx examined it for a minute and determined that it could very well be a secret indicator for scoundrels running about in the sewers. So they snuck further along the direction the finger pointed. Soon after Sarah noticed a tiny movement in the shadows ahead for a very brief second, Daxx also noticed a distant rattling of metal possible a chain or ringmail.

Unfortunately, Zeldalar was the only one who was quick on his toes when suddenly 8 men in dark clothes sprang from hidden covers in the wall and ceiling. A burly dwarfvoice bellowed to them that it was time to die. A pressing battle ensued, where Sarah quickly found herself hard pressed for survival, she found herself faced with a halfling female infront of her wielding two deadly daggers, a skinny looking man swirling a spiked chain on her left and a axe wielding youngster at her back.

Zeldalar was pressed even harder facing off 5 of them almost completely surrounded, he swung his blackjack thinking to subdue one of them while his wicked scimitar sliced a nasty wound across the face of the dwarf. Daxx quickly put up a magic shield protecting him from another halflings fast daggers coming at him and a heavy morningstar sweeping in threateningly crushing swings at him from the right.

Soon though, one of the female halflings and the dwarf was lying dead in the murky sewer water. Sarah was hanging on to dear life at this point, luckily Daxx had on him the wand he purchased some time ago containing healing powers to keep Sarah on her feet. Soon there was only 3 of the ambushers alive, 2 female elves and the skinny guy with the chain. The two elf girls surveyed the situation and bolted for dear life leaving the man with the chain behind, Zeldalar had a different idea and charged after the girls bent on pursueing his own plans for those girls.

Daxx and Sarah sent the chain guy, who was swinging his chain hellbent on defending himself from further attacks, but the glasssteel flais in Sarahs hands smashed away his defence and sent him to his early grave.

Having located and searched several watchtowers, Ronald came upon one at the docks where he quickly, due to his training and experience, noticed a stone that could possibly hide something. He found a black silken mask tugged in behind it and wondered why there was nothing else there. He gathered his composure and went back to the silver goat to ponder and wait.

Zeldalar lost the elven girls when he came down to the intersection they had stopped at earlier, so he faded into the shadows and surveyed for a moment. Soon after Daxx came running very fast, under the influence of a hasting enchantment, along side him was a onyxblack musclemountain of a dog. They stopped for a second in the intersection, not noticing Zeldalar and then the dog picked up a scent and went down the western tunnel with Daxx in pursuit.

Zeldalar gathered that the dog was on to the scent of atleast one of the girls, but that if they were clever they had split up. So Zeldalar left his position in the shadows and went down the opposite tunnel.

Sarah had been left with Daxx’s gear and hurridly, with a shaking hand, found and gulped down a potion with healing powers. She breathed a breath of relief as she felt warmth beginning to spread through her body again, too close she thought to herself.. too close. She began searching the bodies for valuables and gear, packed them up and crept into one of the hiding alcoves in the wall and waited for abit.

Daxx and his statuine summoned onyx dog came upon a slightly moved manholecover and crept into the streets above, bent on catching the runaway elves. Meanwhile Zeldalar also found a manholecover that wasn’t put proper in place. Zeldalar snuck up on the street above and surveyed the area, looking for people who could have noticed something. He saw the local tanner hard at work in his shop, even at this late hour, but the man hadn’t noticed a thing. Neither had the strange fobbish multicolored clad elf sitting at a table with a lantern and wine writing, apparently some playwright who thought highly of himself and none too much of Zeldalar.

Daxx had better luck with his dog, they went through streets and at one time a glassworkers shop and soon came upon a dead end alley and after an intense thorough search Daxx found a loose stone that after a certain manipulation opened up a secret door in the brick wall, revealing a dark corridor with wooden plank walls.

Sarah began tracking Daxx through the sewers and soon after the streets of Everlund and came upon the same dead end alley where the dog was sitting guard. Daxx had left a note by the dog explaining the secret door and Sarah following the directions entered the dark corridor only a few minutes after Daxx. Together they crept down the corridor and came upon a wooden door, Daxx slid a small mirror under the gaping bottom of it and saw 4 men sitting inside a gloomy room gambling dice. Sarah and Daxx decided to go back to the SilverGoat report what they had discovered to Ronald and Zeldalar and maybe come back all 4.

Zeldalar didnt survey much of interrest regarding the 2 elves so he went back home for a bath to get rid of the sewer stink.

Zeldalar was done with his bath when Sarah and Daxx returned, explaining what they had found. Ronald showed them the mask and explained how he had gotten ahold of it but nobody had any immediate idea what it was about. Sarah emptied her packs and spread the loot from the ambushers, among it she found a small note with a coded message that after Zeldalar had cracked it said “On the day of the Jesters in the old Asylum”.. they pondered that for abit, no one knew of any holiday or celebration in town that had anything to do with Jesters.

They decided to go back and infiltrate the secret house, which they expected was a rogue guild of sorts. But none of them knew of a Rogue guild in town, so it could very well be a newly established guild or a very well kept secret one. Either way they planned to find out.

Without any complications they came upon the wooden door again inside the house, only 2 men were sitting inside the room. One of them a halforc with a bright purple set of short cropped hair. Zeldalar and Daxx expertly snuck into the room while the two guards had dozed off, while they sat and surveyed for awhile one of the other two doors inside the room was unbolted from the other side and opened up to reveal the dwarf from the sewer strolling into the room. He cast a disgusted look at the dozing halforc that was waking up and went to the other door and did quick 3 raps on the door. Zeldalar overheard the code words exchanged a throaty voice said “box” from the other side and the dwarf responded “cox” and the door was unlocked and opened form the other side to let him in.

Zeldalar and Daxx quickly decided what to do, they snuck with impossible grace and stealth around the room and behind both guards and with quick determination assassinated both. Now they just needed to figure out how to proceed, meanwhile Ronald and Sarah was waiting in the corridor behind the wooden door…...


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